Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunflower from our home garden

Sunflower from our home garden  8x12  Oils on canvas panel

We have a small vegetable garden in our back yard where we (attempt) grow tomatoes, potatoes, purple hull peas and sweet peppers.  I'll plant seeds for almost any vegetable and wait to see what happens.  Our cucumbers started out really well then - decided to not do really well.  Our Brussel sprouts aren't brusseling but our dill is looking good.

Enough horticulture.  This painting came from me seeing the sun shining from the back of the sunflower blossom and I tried to capture that bright yellow against a dark background. I continue to battle GLARE in photos of my paintings. I'll be that I couldn't get the glare if I were to TRY to make a photo of the glare.

Squirrels and I plant sunflowers among the veggies. I buy my sunflower seeds from the store, the squirrels get theirs from our bird feeders.  When the sunflower seeds are ripe, I put the seeds into the bird feeders and the squirrels plant some of them.  A form of recycling I suppose!  :-)


  1. I like how the bright of the yellows contrasts the blue background.
    I like how you and squirrels work together in agriculture!

  2. Hi Irina! Thank you for stopping to look at my new posts. Yes, the squirrels and I truly work as one in the vegetable garden. :-)

    Ken B.

  3. Beautiful light Ken! You've caught that sunshine from behind this sunflower and what a great planting regime you have!

    Your flyfishing number 3 is definitely my best! And you did some green stuff in that as well! You've absolutely caught the solitude and actions of the fly fisherman perfectly!

  4. Hi Liz, thank you! This sunflower was fun - I might make a "larger" painting similar to this one!(why????) As for the fly fisher, it is total LUCK! I literally dashed paint on the canvas and hoped for the best. Maybe I shouldn't think when I paint? :-) Thinking is such hard work.

    Ken B.


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