Friday, October 29, 2010

Invited For Dinner

$100.00 plus shipping

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Invited For Dinner  10x16  Oils on canvas panel

I was watching a Modern Marvels program about EGGS on the History Channel on TV and (duh) they showed many chickens in the program (DUH).

I got a bit cutesy with the title. I remember one of the Hannibal Lecter (SP?) movies Silence of The Lambs where Hannibal told someone that he had invited a person to his home for dinner. Hannibal, of course, literally ate the person - Hannibal The Cannibal? Get it?

So this chicken has been invited to our house for dinner anytime it's convenient for her!  :-)


  1. It looks very live and concerned. Feels like the painter was very inspired by its future fate))

  2. This chicken is safe, but a small turkey was enjoyed very much yesterday. Even with a small turkey there is much left over for future meals. :-) The chicken needs to be careful, though. ha ha ha ha

    Ken B.


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