Friday, September 3, 2010

Walking In The Rain

$25.00 plus shipping
Walking In The Rain  5x7  Oils on masonite

This began as a quick study practice piece then I touched up here and touched up there and pretty soon I had a reasonably nice little painting!

I don't usually do really small stuff but what the hey?


  1. Because I love this one the best for its simplicity and composition and beautiful use of colour, my comments are going HERE!

    Your portraits are getting better and better with every posting dear Ken, that Nun is beautiful - you've caught her serenity. And as for using colour mixing instead of black - awesome! My best black was using Prussian blue and Cad. Red - scrumptious.

    Keep going!

  2. Liz,I LOVE using color in my paintings. Once in a while bold coloring isn't appropriate but I think that it's possible to sneak in dabs of tube colors here & there and nobody is much the wiser. :-)

    Ken B.


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