Friday, September 3, 2010

Challenge Eleven - Lemons for the Rookie Painters Blog

$50.00 plus shipping
Challenge Eleven - Lemons  7 3/4 x 16  Oils on masonite panel

I haven't participated in these challenges as often as I should have. But it's a fun thing to do and after doing this I remembered how much fun it is to make a painting that I wouldn't ordinarily do. This is my submission to Rookie Painter blog Challenge Eleven - Lemons.

My initial thought was to do something like "when given a lemon, make lemonade" but . . . . .   :-)

Take a look at the Rookie Painter blog. There are some really good works there.


  1. Painting challenges are so fantastic to do every now and then, and bless all those wonderful people out there who do all the hard work running them. I must have a look at this latest one - your lemons truly look great. I know an artist who fell on hard times and took that saying quite literally. She now battles to keep up with lemonade demand!

  2. Thank you, Liz. Since Karin Jurick's DSFDF went "gone" I hadn't gotten into the mood until now. :-) I have to tell you that the painting isn't well presented in the photo. Really!

    Ken B.

  3. Your lemons are very good, Ken,but I did not see this painting on Rookie Painter.Did you forget to post it?

  4. Well, Sylviane, I THOUGHT that I had posted it, obviously something went wrong! I'll try again. DUH!


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