Friday, September 10, 2010

Carrots From The Farmers Market

$50.00 plus shipping
Carrots From The Farmers Market  8x12  Oils on masonite panel

Five carrots in this bunch isn't going to go very far in that pot roast waiting to be cooked. Maybe the guy is going to stop for a banana split on the way home to compensate for all of this healthy stuff?  

I had a bunch of blobs of paint from painting the homeless guys and the "thinking man" so I painted this. I still have some rather big blobs left.  I'm going to buy some empty paint tubes so I can save these blobs that I seem to mix time after time only to throw away when they crust over and dry up.  I've tried several ways to "save" the leftover paint but when that crust forms, it's just plain unusable (in my humble opinion). It's all glumpy and lumpy - YUK!


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