Wednesday, September 1, 2010


$50.00 plus shipping
Serenity  8x12  Oils on canvas panel

This is another painting inspired by Jilly Bennet's blog Menton Daily Photo.  If you have not visited her blog click on the link and browse some really interesting photos and commentary!

I was impressed with the profile photo the calm, serene expression on this nun's face.  I think it would be a great gift to be able to know her.


  1. Hi again!
    I agree with you, there is a special calm atmosphere to this painting. I love the colors you've used. May I say something about the nostril? I almost don't use oils, but in general terms I think a slightly lighter black would work better (a very dark skin tone). Now I think it's competing with the eyes. What do you think? I also like the way you've included some of the colors of the nun's clothes (light blue) on the wall, that brings it all together.
    Otro abrazo :)

  2. You are doing great with faces, portraits. I thought she was mean and particular when I saw her in Jilly's photo. The truth is in the eyes of the watcher)

  3. Carolina, good point on the nostrils. I seem to have a tendency to make the entire nostril very dark instead of beginning with a light skin tone then going to very dark.

    Irina, I thought that she (the nun) looked a bit "serious" so I curled her lips into a smile and tried to put a smile in her eyes.

    Thank you both for all that you do to help my painting.

    Ken B.


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