Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Love you Too! (Best Friends)

$50.00 plus shipping

I Love you Too! (Best Friends)  7.5x12  Oils on masonite panel

10/21/2010 - I renamed the painting from "Best Friends" to "I Love You Too".

This is a fine example of maximum mutual admiration. The dogs' tongue is going to get some skin in a second or in a few minutes.

I figure that these two have probably spent some time out of doors with maybe the dog chasing a stick or a ball. Now they're taking a breather in the shade of a large tree telling each other how wonderful they are.  Both are very fortunate to have the other.


  1. The expressions are sublime! I know how that feels! I love to hold my dog's face like that (when I had a dog):
    The format of the painting gives a more intimate feel to the moment.
    You are a 'dog' person, that shows!

  2. Carolina, I'm going to fix her nostrils (per your good advice about the nostrils of the nun). The more I look at the young lady, the more that I feel a need to "fix" her eyes but I don't know what nor how - yet. :-(

    Ken B.


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