Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pose

$50.00 plus shipping

The Pose 8x12  Oils on canvas panel

The inspiration for this comes from Jilly's blog Menton Daily Photo  You owe it to yourself to spend time browsing through her photographs and commentary of her hometown of Menton, France.

This is actually a "study" for a 16x20 painting that I would like to do. I've made some artist's choices in that I changed her straw hat to a solid material. AND I turned her around to face left instead of facing right. 

I can't seem to eliminate the glare or the highlights on my brush strokes.  Any of you photo gurus have some advice? I've tried using opaque and translucent "light blockers" but . . . . .  I have even put my painting in a long (deep?) cardboard box. Zip, nada, zero eliminating the glare.


  1. I wish I could draw faces like that. Mine have the features jumping all over the face))

  2. Hi Irina!
    Thank you for the compliment! I've been watching that you've been busy working and blogging. There are many good tutorials on drawing faces & other body parts.

    But it's practice, practice, practice then some more practice. B O R I N G ! :-)

    Ken B.


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