Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fishing On The River

Fishing On The River 20x40 Oil on canvas

This scene is purely from my imagination and having looked at photos of rivers in Arkansas. Not that this river is in Arkansas!

The canvas and frame were given to me by a neighbor after they had tried their hand at gessoing the original picture. I tried (not very hard) to eliminate the underpainting but some of the thick impasto shows through in my painting. Not all bad - it creates some interest. For instance why is there a slanted vertical line in the left 1/3 of the painting? It's a mystery!!!! :-) FYI the dark line at the bottom of the photo is the shadow of the frame. The picture was upside down when I took the photo - I was/am too lazy to turn it right-side up. Another one of those mysteries. :-)


  1. This is a huge painting!
    I love the greens, and the fact that you did it all from your imagination. That's what we're supposed to do! and it's not easy... congrats on that!
    And, as much as I try I can't find that vertical line you're talking about, maybe it's the size of the photo...
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Carolina. I'm happy that you couldn't find the line(s)! Maybe I see them because I know that they're there. I've been getting away from the smaller paintings. I found that I was having difficulty trying to put my paintings in a small space. SO.... I've gone to larger supports - 24x30, 20x40, 18x36 and etc.

    BTW - I like your jar. You're pretty tough on yourself, you know! :-) Forget most of the "rules" and have fun.

    Ken B.

  3. Ken, thanks so much for posting your suggestions on my blog! I've only just started painting in general so any and all advice I can get I'll take to heart. Your paintings are great! So many diverse subjects - Love that.


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