Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ken B And The Dogs

Ken B And The Dogs 30x24 Oil on Masonite

9/19/2009 - Posted new photo. Work in Progress. :-)

This is a composite of a couple of photos that I took of the dogs and me on our walks around the neighborhood this year; when the dogwoods were blooming but the trees hadn't "leafed out". I put the camera on time-delay and quick like a bunny stepped back and tried to look cool. That didn't work (the cool part) so I just stood there - squinting. Most of the time the dogs took off just as the shutter was shuttering so the dog part of this painting is mainly from other photos and my imagination.

The large Boxer is Casey, the small Boxer is Simon and the Miniature Schnauzer is Bella.

The (digital) photo of the painting kept coming out darker than I would like, so my camera and I have agreed to a truce. All of my photos here on out are "no fault" photos. I get grumpy at my camera and vice versa but we don't say anything about it to each other. (stupid @#%^ camera).


  1. Oh, you have a cool attitude!
    I like this painting a lot! I love dogs too, you're so lucky to have three of them :)

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Carolina. Thanks for your kind remarks. The dogs are (try to be) lap dogs. Bella (the Minature Schanuzer) is small enough to fit a lap, but the "boys" (Casey & Simon) - NO WAY. This was a fun "self portrait".

    Talk to you later,
    Ken B.


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