Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watching The Tide Come In II

Watching The Tide Come In II 7x15 1/2 Oil on masonite

Just another "quickie" to play with my water soluble oil paints. I'm beginning to like them a bit more - if only the paint didn't smell so bad. The smell goes away quickly, I guess. The paint also handles much differently than "regular" oils. They don't seem to cover as well. I'll use my regular oils to make my "permanent" paintings.

This panel was tinted with a "tan" which I left exposed here & there on the beach - and (inadvertently) elsewhere.

I made a mistake by typing this in MS Word then pasting into Blogger Post Editor. Blogger isn't happy with that sort of stuff. I sure won't do THAT agian!!!! :-( I had to edit out a bunch of junky HTML that Word inserted.


  1. Hi, Ken - I like the group on the water's edge here. Which water soluble oils are you using? I tried some quite a few years back. I don't remember a smell, but didn't have much luck mixing them.

  2. I like your beach scenes, especailly the long skinny format.

    Try typing into Wordpad or Notepad-- no formatting there.

  3. Thanks for the compliment & formatting tips - I'll just stick to the Blogger editor and be more careful with my fingers on the keyboard. :-)

    Ken B. - Avocaken


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