Monday, April 27, 2009


Closed 9x12 Oil on masonite

I saw pictures on the internet of businesses that were closed or closing. Out of all of those, one similar to this composition struck me as most interesting. Go figure.

I'm not sure why it's "interesting" to me. Guess it's just an expression of my melancholy that somebody's hopes and dreams will need to be different now.


  1. The stark simplicity of the scene and those shuttered windows really says it, doesn't it. It's a great composition with the angled street, and wedged shadow coming down from the awning. Lots of interesting geometric shapes. The absence of people makes it compelling and narrative.

  2. REALLY???? You like? And I was thinking it was blah. Just goes to show how much I know! :-) Thanks, Liz. I've been in sort of a funk or doldrum lately. Can't get started on a new work. I find myself "fiddling" with stuff that should be put away/hung on the wall. Or doing anything except painting. Procrastinating I think it's called.

    Liz, if I could do one still life like your copper pot & conch, I'd be painting 24/7!

    Ken B.


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