Monday, April 20, 2009

Sketch #1 for "Two Dollars A Day"

Two Dollars A Day #1 8x10 Oil on masonite

This is my first try at water soluble oils.The paint is a little different using water with "oil paint" - the feel is different and (I think) the paint smells bad. But maybe I'm just accustomed to the smell of linseed oil or whatever oil is used in "real" oil paint.

ANYWAY . . . . . this is a really quick (less than an hour) study for a 24x30 painting of field hands hoeing sugar beets for two dollars a day - hence the title. I'm going to move the person on the right a little close to the rest of the folks and maybe have someone pointing their hoe to our right - maybe the person on the left edge? I'll make another sketch and see how it looks.

The inspiration / idea came from a photo from the national archives.

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