Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first "real" art show

Today I entered five paintings in the Rogers (Arkansas) Art Guild Art Show and Sale. It's my first "real" art show - one where somebody might actually choose to buy one of my paintings. Whew! Choosing (ONLY) five paintings from my "pile" of paintings was not at all unlike choosing a favorite child.

I made my choice by putting about ten at a time in my studio-room floor and chose two that I liked the most. After grimacing, groaning and sighing and all the back-and-forth picking up, putting down and etc. I went to the art show with fourteen (14) "favorites" - at the time. I've changed my mind now that I'm home but that's another story. Anyway, I chose the five to hang in the show by reaching into the bag with my eyes closed and picked them at random. Nothing like doing it scientifically, I guess.

The "chosen" five are shown as they will be seen. They're detailed elsewhere in this blog so I'll shut up now. :-)

YES, I know the picture of the house was crooked. It isn't now - I hope!


  1. hey! that's amazing, thrilling, I'm so excited for you!
    Hope everything goes really really well, please keep us posted about this...

  2. Thank you very much, Carolina. I'm trying to not have big expectations, but . . . . . :-)

  3. Your paintings are a great addition to the "Rogers Art Guild Show and Sale". Keep up the great work, Jewel Carmody


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