Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Morning Golfers

$150.00 plus shipping
Early Morning Golfers  12x16  Oils on Masonite Panel

These golfers are the first out on this morning. The time of day is supposed to be just after sunrise with subdued light and a little ground fog here and there.

I've been glazing the background trying to deepen the dark shadows under the trees and I have more work to do.

I also want to sharpen up the golfers, they seem to be blurry (NOT my camera this time!)


  1. Hi Ken, just popping in here as I'm working at our exhibition all week, but had to say that I love this piece. There is a beautiful sense of space and you've achieved lovely harmony with the landscape and the figures. Why do you need to sharpen them up?

  2. Hi Ken,
    I like it very much. I think you achieved what you were looking for, the foggy look is there in the background and the grass. I really like the distant trees, the horizon line, all the planes and depth in the field... great work!
    Big hugs,

  3. Carolina, THANK YOU, you are SO kind! I'm still working on this painting - it's drying (again) so that I can apply more darkening glazes underneath the nearer trees.

    Hugs back at you & your family.

    Ken B.

  4. Hi Liz. DUH, I don't know why I think that I need to "sharpen up the figures"! :-) They look smudgy (is that a word?) to me. As I told Carolina, I'm letting the painting dry so that I can darken under the trees. Or I'm TRYING to darken! :-)

    Ken B.

  5. Irina, thank you for liking my pitiful trees! I love you for that! :-) I worked hard on those things, rubbing them off then painting them again and again and again. I finally stopped because I wasn't improving them! :-)

    Your sketching & drawings are really top notch lately! Keep up the good work!

    Ken B.

  6. Hi friend!
    I hope you are working on some Da Vinci style masterpiece, otherwise your absence worrying me. Are you OK?


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