Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fall 2009 Rogers Art Guild Exhibit

Me with my 5 entries in the Fall 2009 Rogers Art Guild Exhibit. We had 63 entries for the exhibit that ran from October 29th until November 11th. The dancers paintings are 24x30 to give you an idea of size.

One painting was sold from the exhibit - not mine!

This image was scanned from a hard copy photo and my scanner seems to be getting as old as me - lots of lines and s-l-o-w. :-) BUT it (and I) stll works! Sort of.


  1. Wow, Ken, that's a great photo! You look so happy! I like the paintings you selected, very powerful group, full of life. I also love to see the paintings in perspective, that gives a better impression of them, although they are farther in the pic they feel closer.
    (((You made me laugh again with your 'punch line':)))
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Carolina. You sure don't miss very many things, do you? The "dancer" series is becoming my favorite and I have two more 24x30 dancers coming up. Right now I'm working on smaller 11x14, 16x20 (etc) for a change of pace. I really enjoy making the larger paintings, but they are SO HARD to store! I have no more wall space! Another of my goals that I'm working on is to frame ALL of my paintings. I have approximately 45 that are not framed.

    We'll talk later.... How are those sketches coming along? Are you going to "paint" some of them?

    Ken B.

  3. Exhibitions can be a double edged sword, can't they? But with only one sale, it shows how deep the recession bit! Your paintings look terrific hanging there!

  4. Hi Liz, thanks for dropping by! Try as I might I want to not get my hopes up, but . . . I'd really like to sell SOMETHING just so that I can buy art "stuff" without a guilty conscience! :-) I don't need nor do I want to make a living selling my paintings. Thanks for saying nice things about my paintings - I like most of them. :-)

    Ken B.


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