Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seashore #1

Seashore #1 18x25 Oil on canvas

I'm not sure why I chose to make this painting! First of all, I guess, is that it has NO GREEN (worth mentioning). Most landscape paintings are very green with plants that are green. The digital photo colors are a little off, but . . . at least it's in focus!

The title implies that this is the first of several. or at least more than one. You've been warned. I'll be quiet now.


  1. Ken, this is great, I'm so glad you're doing more than one!
    The water looks so refreshing, and the foam so soft, I love it...
    Way to go, Ken!

  2. Hi Carolina! How about that? I did a "landscape" and it turned out "OK"! (You know I don't do landscapes.) I was trying to get the surf waves (left) moe white but with oils they keep going blue-ish. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Thanks for being so supportive, it helps keep me going.

    Talk to you later.
    Ken B.


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