Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Solving The Worlds Problems

Solving The Worlds Problems 12x16 Oil on Masonite

This is my submission for Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks (DSFDF) blog where she posts a picture and artists make their art. It's fun - for me, anyhow. Check it out.

Two guys, maybe in a barber shop, or waiting for new tires to be put on their cars. The guy on the right is doing all of the talking the guy on the left just wants to get out of there.

This is my first painting in a couple of weeks (more or less) as I've been moving my art stuff from a bedroom in our house to my studio. (See earlier posts). I'm not completely done with the studio; probably never will be. :-)

One of my next art projects will be working on rendering body parts. e.g. hands with fingers. Sheesh.


  1. Well done - I really like the addition of another figure.

  2. Looks like their relaxed while doing the solving.

  3. Thanks, Dominique. I like the composition but I'd like to make another, larger, painting and get it right - I hope! :-)

  4. Ken, what a courage you had, to have painted those 2!
    It's brilliant.
    I neither am not sure either I"ll do the next one, times are hard!
    take care.

  5. Sylviane, you are TOO kind! I hope things get better for you soon.

    Wishing you only the best -
    Ken B.

  6. Hi Ken!
    Nice rendering, and yes, you painted two instead of one (I didn't even do 1 <:(P that's brave!

    I love the story behind too, I think you should also write, you're a good story teller, aren't you?

    Best regards,

  7. Claire: It seemed to me that the man in the original photo seemed to be waiting for ... SOMETHING. So I gave him some company to pass the time - and get some deep thinking(?) done.

    Mark: I'm sure that you've been in one of those discussions where the profound statements are profound and full of B---S---. Now that they've got the situation in hand, where are they going to eat tonight? :-)

    Carolina: Bravery wasn't in the equation! Quite the opposite, I'm sure. Too dumb to be afraid! :-)

    Thanks, folks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Ken B.


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