Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rowing on Lake Michigan

Rowing on Lake Michigan 9x12 Oil on Masonite

My submission to Karin Jurick's "Different Strokes From Different Folks" blog challenge.

I haven't painted pictures in a while - I've been painting the floor of my brand new studio! This was a nice break. At least I wasn't on my hands and knees. :-)


  1. Nice entry to Karin's DSFDF. By the way, I'm jealous of your new studio!

  2. Congratulations Ken, this painting is awsome! I like how you decided to paint the woman looking downwards, she looks like she really needs a rest...
    The boat and water are great too...
    Best regards, and looking forward to see more pictures of the studio.

  3. Nice take on the dsfdf boat. Too far from shore? Too tired? Many stories to imagine.

  4. Ann, Carolina and Maria - thank you for your nice comments! Because of finishing my studio (painting the floor now) I haven't been painting pictures.

    I think that the lady rower has "taken a break" from rowing fast and hard. But then maybe she HAS gone too far out and just now realizes that she has to go back and the sun is HOT. :-) Ain't art fun?

    Talk to you later,
    Ken B.

  5. wow ! I want a studio like yours . great entry for DSFDF I like the the change in the figure.

  6. Hi Dominique! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my painting. I studied that photograph of the boater and I know that I'd be dog-tired if I had rowed out into a lake. So I tried to represent that in the painting.

    My studio is my retirement present to myself from Melissa (my wife) and me. Melissa puts up with the smells of my oil painting in the house. I'll move to the studio as soon as I finish applying polyurethane on the floor. Should be next week!!!!!!!!!

    Ken B.


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