Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Studio - still shaping up!

Here are a few photos of my studio as I'm "moving in." I play with model airplanes (they don't fly). For scale, the four engine bomber (B-17) pointing down has a wing span of 24 inches.
It's BIG! They'e the old fashioned models made of balsa sticks & covered with tissue paper.

The other two photos show my "solution" to displaying many paintings in a small area. I made 3 "doors" from 2x2 lumber and 2' x 6' pegboard. The doors pivot on hardwood dowel pin "hinges" on the floor and under the upper shelf. I got the idea from the rug displays at home improvement stores. The idea is also used in tourist gift shop poster displays where many posters are sold. I make hangers to hang my paintings from 16 gauge galvanized wire. This wire is strong enough to support a load but is relatively easy to form using some pliers.

To hang unframed paintings, I used an idea for do-it-yourself plate hangers from Martha Stewart's website. I'm still trying to find the easiest way to hang and unframed painting. Most of my paintings are on Masonite panels but a few are canvas on wood stretchers. The framed paintings are really easy to hang on the pegboard.

Sorry for the mish-mash arrangement, the blog posting software has some limitations - or is it me? Nah! It's the software. :-)


  1. Hola Ken!
    Thank you for sharing these photos, I'm enjoying this project of yours so much! You're solving everythin so elegantly and nicely, and I'm learning a lot (it's just now that I get the idea of pegboard doors you were commenting last time).
    And nice airplains btw...
    Best regards,

  2. Thank you, Carolina. I think that the "doors" will work well for me. The best part is that not much wall space is lost and I can still put the larger paintings (or whatever) on the wall. Smaller paintings will go on the "doors". The doors are straight, the camera created some distortion.

    Hopefully I will begin painting again soon!

    Ken B.

  3. Wow Ken what a great idea with the peg board doors, as you say doesn't take up much room and displays your paintings nicely. Aren't you itching to get back to painting or are you having too much fun creating your studio!!


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