Monday, August 3, 2009

Sidewalk Espresso

Sidewalk Espresso 18x24 Oil on Masonite

This is a composite from three or four photos that I found online plus a couple of photos that I've taken myself. I took many liberties and moved things around, added stuff here and took stuff away there.

Why does the dude on the left have two cups in front of him? Is it because the waiter is trying to make a move on the lady in red? Maybe the innocent waiter has the lady's check and is about to put it on the table. AND why is the dude wearing sunglasses inside? hmmmm Might be that he's sly and giving the lady in the jeans outfit a good long look.

The lady in the jeans outfit sat near the dude, but not too close. She probably doesn't trust somebody wearing sunglasses that has two cups of coffee on his table. Little does she know that he's more than a little burned up that the waiter hasn't been around for a while and wouldn't be very good company right now.

What ARE the specials today?


  1. Wow, I wanted to comment on the amazing colors this one has, but I MUST comment on the 'thriller' going on behind the scenes! Ken, that writing is awsome, very interesting... my imagination only went this far: the guy inside has two cups of coffee because his partner is in the restroom :(P
    Great post, I enjoyed it a lot...
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Carolina. I hadn't thought about the "dude" being there with somebody! No drama there, I suppose! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by. Have you begun your next oil? ha ha

    Ken B.

  3. (((Not yet, but I am changing of painting teacher... haven't told anyone yet, but monday I'll start with a new teacher at a new place... let's see what happens...)))

  4. Your change of painting class is still a secret! I know NOTHING. (or so I'm told) :-)


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