Monday, August 10, 2009

Marmisson - A Home In France

Marmisson - A Home In France 20x30 Oil on canvas

This is a taken from a photo from an online friend's (another blogger) blog page. I used it without permission, hoping that they won't mind (too much)! :-) I thought it was a nice painting subject for me. I don't often do flowers, gardens and such but the photograph just seemed to work for me.

The owner had blocked the door with brick work so I took a little artistic license and "installed" my door.

I don't paint on canvas very much. I prefer Masonite panels. BUT I had stretched this canvas (and several others) some time ago so I thought that I would try painting on canvas. It took some getting used to the "bounce" and the roughness of the canvas. I don't know which I prefer - I guess it depends on my mood at the time.

I'm just about done with making small paintings. Small being smaller than 9x12. I'm going to stick with 16x20 and larger for "premanent" work using the "small" panels for what I call "studies" or just a practice piece. I had some small stuff, hung it on a wall and from a few feet away I couldn't see what the painting was. What's the point then? Except that a small piece can be made in an houror two. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! :-)


  1. Hi Ken!
    Or should I call you "assertive Ken"? ;o)
    I like your painting, I think it's lovely, it's a nice, tranquile scene, with beautiful flowers and plants (subject that I like very much). More and more I can see your own style reflected on your paintings. That's so cool!
    Today, at painting class, I heard another student saying that she doesn't like to paint in small formats any more, that more and more she is prefering to paint larger and larger, that it was at the beginning of her learning that she used to like small formats. Isn't that curious? I suppose this is something that happens when your spirit won't fit in a small canvas anymore :)

  2. It is called "Marmisson", and it MY house!
    In fact, this kind of door did exist,but recently we removed it, it was too old,(this house was built in 1860) and we have too many doors.
    It was funny to see it, I was just checking your blog to see if you had did the KJ 's challenge on San Francisco street.
    What about the people who live there, as you like to relate?I was a little disappointed by this lack!
    So, it is a nice painting, I like it.

  3. Caroline, thank you for your nice comments. I too thought "Marmisson" appeared tranquil but couldn't think of the word.

    Sylvianne, I hope that you don't mind (too much) that I did some work on your home. It's so beautiful that I knew it should be represented in a painting when I first saw your post in your blog.

    As for the DSFDF challenge, it's Tuesday and tomorrow is the deadline. Two challenges in one?

    Thanks again for visiting my little blog.
    Ken B.


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