Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Men On A Park Bench

Two Men On A Park Bench 16x20 Oil on canvas

Two friends in the park. One is looking at or reading from a brochure or pamphlet. Is the guy with the pamphlet planning a trip? Will the other guy go with him? Maybe they're deciding what to have to eat later.

I did a small oils sketch last month to see what I could see with this composition, and etc.

I'm happy with this painting. There are some things that I might tweak later but for now - I'll sign it and call it "DONE".


  1. (By the smile on his face, I think the guy in the orange is watching the girls jog by.)

    Yes, sign it and call it done! I especially like how they are posed almost identically, the blue socks of the one man and the exposed ankle of another. It's so relaxed, and it seems they are indeed good friends.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog & looking at my painting of "Two Men". It IS signed now & tucked away to be framed (maybe) the hung on a wall (may bier). :-) Not very likely.

    Ken B.


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