Friday, May 29, 2009

Susie-Q Malt Shop

Susie-Q Malt Shop 16x24 Oil on Masonite

This drive-in (malt shop) has been in the same spot (and run by the same family) in Rogers, Arkansas since the 1960s. They have a sign near the order window that reads something similar to "this isn't a fast food restaurant, the food is cooked when it's ordered". I'll vouch that they make the BEST hamburger, fries and shakes in the area. Rumor has it that they make a "killer" dessert but I've never been hungry enough to try anything else.

They close up for the winter and a sure sign that it's spring or almost spring and life is renewed is when they open for business in the spring. You have to get here early at the lunch hour or you'll need a lunch two hours! :-)

Their address is:
Susie-Q Malt Shop
612 N 2nd St
Rogers, Arkansas 72756-6636
(479) 636-1326


  1. Ken thanks for trying if you go to his website it might do it there ( his name plus , I got a comment from him he is now in 3rd position. Thanks for coming by my blog. Hey I love what you've been doing it's has such a nice AMERICANA feel. Sorry I can't enjoy the food it's sounds real yummy !

  2. Hi Dominique - I'll try his blog-site. I frequently look at your blog.

    Thanks for your kind remarks here.
    Ken B.

  3. Oh, life needs that kind of places...
    Last year we traveled to Orlando (guess where we went?) and saw many of those kinds of drive ins. That's so American, in my-tourist-opinion :)
    (Now I'm reading Dominique's comment and it seems I'm not that lost in my observations. And I have to agree with her about the 'Americana' feel. I'd just add the adjective "relaxed". For some reason I find it to be that too).
    See you around!

  4. Oh! I forgot to mention that you look great on your new profile photo! New look, nice!

  5. Hi there Carolina! I've been told that my other profile face was GRIM, so I thought that I'd smile. And what do you know? My face didn't break! :-)

    I grew up in Orlando. Later my first daughter was born there. My parents moved to Louisiana and I haven't been back to Orlando since 1972.

    As to the painting. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    Talk to you later,
    Ken B.


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