Monday, May 4, 2009

Staying In Touch

Staying In Touch 12x16 Oil on masonite

I had originally titled this work "Farm Woman" but I felt that it has little or nothing to do with anything related to farming.

I (tried to) improve the young lady's hair and have her looking up and maybe daydreaming. I'm also painting the cabinetry and maybe I'll do something with the yellow sheet (or whatever it's called) pulled aside to expose the pantry.

I feel that I still have some work to do, but I'm beginning to like this one! It came real close to being wiped clean and starting over.

Farm Woman - first version. BLAH!


  1. Hi Ken!
    Long time no see... your paintings. Everything OK?

  2. I think you're too hard on your 1st version! There is a warm glowing light, and charm to it. But looking forward to seeing how you progress with take two.

  3. Hi Liz & Carolina. Thanks for dropping in! I realize that I'm my harshest critic but when I look at YOUR work then look at mine . . . . I'm working on this and a couple more paintings. I've begun painting on LARGEer panels i.e. 20x30, 24x24 and etc. I'm also glazing more - this piece is one example where I'm glazing her jeans, her blouse and the background. I like what it does for the painting.

    Warmest regards and thank you for looking in on me! :-)
    Ken B.


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