Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thee Shoppers At A Flea-Market

Thee Shoppers At A Flea-Market. 12"x16" Oils on masonite.

This is a work in progress. For some reason it isn't happening - I'm struggling with it for some reason. Some paintings just seem to flow out of my brush while others resist me. Go figger. Maybe it isn't a good idea.

I especially struggled with the shopper on the left - in the blue top. See below. I'm struggling with her face profile. So I grabbed up some really small scraps (5"x5") and practiced.

Shopper #1 - Lady in the blue top. 5"x5" Oils on masonite.

This is one of five 5x5x that I did quickly to try to get the lady's face in profile worked out. Of course they all seemed to flow. Maybe I just need to lighten / loosen up, do the big painting quickly & move on.

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