Monday, February 16, 2009

Random musings - or is it gas?

I've been experimenting with putting canvas on masonite/hardboard. I've done it in the past by using rabbit skin glue but this time I'm trying some "carpenters" glue. Things worked pretty well until I put waxed paper on the glued canvas so that I could put weight on the canvas-board to keep it flat and to make sure the canvas would stick to the glue. Only problem is that the canvas shrank a bit (DUH) and wrinkled the waxed paper. So the result is that the surface of the canvas has a "texture" - putting it mildly. I was able to minimize the "texture" by wiping it down with a wet cloth. I made several 12x12, 9x12 and 11x14 grounds. I'll gesso them tomorrow and I'll have some painting to do when the gesso dries.

The Rogers (Arkansas) Art Guild is having an art show in April. I'm going to use my new grounds to make some paintings to enter. I usually paint on gessoed or canvas masonite/hardboard and make my own frames for here at home. I guess that I'll have to go to the picture-frame store and buy frames! I don't know about any kind of alternative to masonite/hardboard i.e. "gallery wrap".

I had a wooden palette that was difficult (to say the least) to clean up after a day of painting. And if I wanted to leave the paint overnight, the oil paint formed crusty crud on the wood that resisted scraping without damage. I was in Walmart and found a 16x20 glass cutting board for $9.95! One side is ripply the other side is smooth. I put the glass into a discard picture frame and now I can leave my oils out overnight, then use a razor scraper to clean up at the end of the second day. I find that 2 days is about all I want to try to keep mixed gobs of oil paint. The glass palette is really wonderful!

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