Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monaco - Color - Building

Monaco - Color - Building
12 x 16   Oils on canvas panel
I saw the photo on Jilly's blog Monaco Daily Photo and it seemed to be an abstract painting - so I made one! I couldn't help myself and put some texturing in the orange side of the building. Most of the colors are straight out of a tube with just a tiny bit of mixing.  I try to make paintings with many colors from the tube(s). Although I usually seem to mix some colors. Dang!


  1. Hi Ken!
    I love this painting! I too think it has an abstract twist to it... love the color combination, it actually is my favorite (blue-orange :)
    Un gran abrazo,

  2. Hi there, Carolina! I did try to make this an "abstract" but I can't omit SOME details. Drives me crazy (crazier?). ha ha ha ha LOL :-) and etc.

    Maybe that website URL that you sent could be beneficial. YA THINK?



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