Friday, November 18, 2011

C-45 Expeditor

C-45 Expeditor
11 x 14   Oils on canvas panel
This airplane is the military version of the Beechcraft Model 18. See the article in Wikipidia HERE.

I attempted to show that the airplane was moving (past the background and foreground). After glaring at this painting for a few days, I think that I want to 1) lighten the background or 2) darken the colors in the airplane.


  1. Hi Ken, you have really achieved the idea of motion but I agree that the painting needs something, it is too tonal, I think you should lighten the background so that the plane stands out more.
    Love your people paintings!

  2. Hi Phil, thanks for your critique! I'll lighten the background as it's pretty blurry and I cant' (he says) mess it up too much. :-)



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