Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some More "New" Paintings

Here are eight more "new" paintings that I've done "lately".  NEW and LATELY are relative terms. Sometimes I can knock out a "small" (9 x 12 inches) painting before noon; other times I might work on it an hour or so then do something else then another hour on the painting. Blah blah blah. Anyhowwwww, the colors in these photos is "close" to the actual colors in the paintings. @#$%^& camera!

More postings to come. 

Baseball pitcher 1 - 16 x 20
Oils on canvas panel

Baseball pitcher 2 - 16 x 20
Oils on canvas panel
There are more baseball paintings in my head.

Bottle Tree 1 - 18 x 20
 Oils on gessoed panel.
A bottle tree is supposed to capture evil spirits. When the spirits are in the bottle we're supposed to cap the bottle then throw it away. We have a few green bottles just in case we have green evil spirits.These bottles came from our recycle center.
 There's one more bottle tree to paint!

Carpenter and his pencil - 8 x 10
Oils on a piece of scrap construction plywood.
The paint "soaked" into the gesso giving this painting a mottled look.
I'll confess. I'll paint on almost anything that doesn't move out of the way!

Giggling Children - 8 x 10
Oils on gessoed panel.
The face of the little girl (pink hat) looks a bit grotesque. I have some work to do?

Dancer in Red - 12 x 16
Oils on gessoed panel
 Making the photo of this painting was extremely difficult because of the glare from any light. The colors are close, but the dress is VERY red!

Eagle 1 - 11 x 14
Oils on gessoed panel

Eagle 2 - 11 x 14
Oils on gessoed panel
All of a sudden I felt the urge to paint an eagle(s). I have more paintings on the drawing board. I've already done little "tweety" birds. Now a SERIOUS bird of prey! These colors are almost the same as the painting but not quite.

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