Friday, May 27, 2011


Rescued  16 x 20  $150.00 plus shipping
Rescued  16 x 20   oils on panel

I had the urge to paint a few paintings of fire fighters. This is the only one that I have completed so far.  I was distracted by needing to make western themed paintings for the local 4H fundraiser.

I'll get back to making paintings these heroic people.  Firefighters amaze me.  They frequently and willingly put themselves in harms way to save a living being (people and animals) from a burning building.


  1. Wow, you really did worked hard! Great collection!

  2. Hi Irina, I had much more fun than hard work, for sure! :-)

    I had to take some time away from painting - I just couldn't do it for a while. Do you suppose that I "ran out of gas"? ha ha ha


  3. Great picture Ken, and a nice tribute as well to theses brave people:)
    Wish you a nice and creative week:)
    Greetings from,

  4. Thank you Berit!! We had a really nice weekend - went to some friends' house for barbecue. Everybody brought food but as usual too much food!

    I hope your weekend was a good one.

    Ken B


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