Friday, May 27, 2011

Hummingbird No 1

Hummingbird No 1   9 x 12  $$75.00 plus shipping
Hummingbird No 1  9 x 12   Oils on panel

This is from one of a gazillion photos taken from our dining room window of a humming bird at one of our feeders.

The title suggests that there will be a "number two". I don' know about that but it made sense to me at the time!  :-)

I chose not to paint the feeder, instead I make it look like the humming bird was in a flower in a garden.

Two of our humming bird feeders have perches that the birds can sit and drink nectar. Two feeders have no perch.  I doesn't seem to matter to them.

We make our own "nectar" from sugar and water. We also put a drop or two of red food dye in the nectar so that we can seen when the feeders are empty or nearly empty.  The birds don't care.

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