Monday, December 21, 2009


Apparently SOME of my posted blog photos are un-posted today! Not all of 'em just some of 'em. Strange!  If I click on the images that ARE visible, I get a message that the photo is not on the server.  If I click on the "frame" of a "missing" photo, the photo is displayed.  I'll wait a day or two or three then see if I need to put Humpty Dumpty together again.  Sigh!


I'll have some work to do if I need to re-post some of the photos. Finding them on my hard drive will be a problem! Maybe I'll start filing my photos in a more manageable way?  NAH!  I can't remember filing systems.

Santa must have determined that I wasn't a good boy this year and instead of a lump of coal, he hid some of my blog photos.  Bah humbug!

I'm reloading the "missing" photographs in my blog. I may not do them all, but I'll start at the most recent then work to the oldest - MAYBE. It's mighty cumbersome but . . . .


  1. OMG, Ken!!! What!!! That's really awful, and scary! I actually can't see your profile photo on your blog! Sometimes, I can't see videos on the Web, and then later everything comes back to normal, nothing done. I hope this is one of those crazy happenings...
    (Have you talked to the Google guys? Once I had a problem and I went to the help forums and everything cleared up.) (Have you tried backing up the blog, just in case? <-- I'm sort of a smart a**, aren't I? Can't help it!):

  2. That's happened to me as well Ken, but not all, just some of them. Bit of a bugger isn't it! Just re-post bits at a time.

  3. Hi Carolina & Liz!

    Thanks for the "pity words"! :-) I am re-posting the photos one-by-one with the most recent first back to the oldest. I think that I have all of Dec 2009 done except one photo. I lost my hard drive a month or two ago and even though I had backups of all of the data files, the "restore" program didn't put the files (pictures) and folders back where they had come from. So I waste much time a) getting rid of the debris in the blog and then b) finding the @#$%^ photos.

    I've learned yet another hard lesson - better and consistent naming of my photos instead of the date and number e.g. 20091217_image1. From now on, I'll name my blog photos with the name of the painting PLUS the date it was posted. e.g. HouseInAvoca_20091217. AND I'll store all blog photos in a BLOG folder - by month posted. AND continue my daily (nighttime) backup of data files.

    I did "talk" (swapped emails) to Google and bottom line was "too bad & good luck". I didn't ask about backing up the blog, didn't know about that. I'll check into it.

    Well, enough of this pity party. I'm making a painting in my studio so I'll go punish it! :-)

    Merriest of Christmases and a very, very Happy New Year from,

    Ken B.


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