Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A View From My Window #3

This is another Arkansas sunset done "semi" plein air from my "studio" window. I started the painting last night AFTER I had taken a digital photo. I finished it up this afternoon using the photo. The sun had dropped below the horizon so the foreground looked very dark in the photo - I could see it well last night. But I didn't need the clutter of the foreground for this "quick" rough painting.

Even after laboring over the sky today, I still didn't capture the color! At least I caught the essence of the colors. Or at least I think that I did.


  1. Hi Ken!
    You certainly have a nice view from your window!
    All your practice on painting skys is showing on your work, this painting is great!
    And I have to say that I like the previous one too (the one with boats on a river). You painted the water very nicely too. I think you're becoming very good at painting the "elements". Now maybe you should try painting FIRE!

  2. Hi Carolina! FIRE??? I'm still trying to make a tree that looks like a tree - instead of a lollipop! And YES, the view from my window IS nice although sometimes stormy! :-)

    It's nice to have you drop by my blog.
    Warm regards,
    Ken B.

  3. The sky looks great! I think it's tough to get the glow of illluminated clouds at sunset. You did it.

  4. Thanks, Liz. As hard as I tried the colors eluded me! But thank you for your encouragement.

    Ken B.


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