Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Studio - it's almost finished!

My back yard studio is almost finished! Yesterday the sheetrock was installed. Today I began taping the joints getting ready to apply the joint compund. Then we paint and move my art "stuff" from the third bedroom in our house into THE STUDIO!!!!!

Melissa and I started building the studio just about a year ago then I had to quit because I had to have an operation. By the time I had recovered and Melissa & the doctors would let me do stuff it was getting too bad to work on the studio and it became sort of a wood-working, storage and etc. place. I make many of the frames for my paintings as well as make my own Masonite panels from scratch. Every once in a while I'll make stretchers and stretch some canvas. I don't particularly like painting on canvas but making them is fun.

Here is one photo of the exterior and four photos of the interior - albeit a mess with ladders and tools and construction stuff. Melissa & I and built this thing completely by our selves. I had help from a neighbor with erecting the walls and the roof - I couldn't (wouldn't?) carry bundles of roof shingles up a ladder! I hired out the electrical, the siding and putting up the sheetrock.

Looking NE the door opens up onto an 4'x8' "proch"

Looking N.E. again - showing the little storage loft. The ceiling of the studio is 13 feet.

Looking N.W. The windows on the right face North.

This is where I'll put my painting stuff - easel, storage and etc. The dogs (two boy boxers and a girl miniature schnauzer) will hang out here with me if they aren't hanging out with Melissa.

Two antique stained glass windows on the south wall. Melissa bought them for me on eBay. We'll build some storage cabinets down low and display some artwork (gourds as well as paintings) above.


This is looking towards the Southeast from our back deck/patio. Melissa installed the rock walk that runs from our deck to the studio front porch.

The studio is 16 feet by 20 feet. The porch is 8 feet by 4 feet.


  1. Wow, Ken! this is amazing! I feel happy for you, what a luxury :) I'd die to have a studio like that... and you and Melissa built it (almost all) by yourselves! How cool is that!
    See you!

  2. Ken, as I can see you are very busy, but what a blAst, your studio!you are going to paint masterpieces in it.
    An what about your barn with the pen stock?
    PS. I don't know if you've done something on your blog, but it is the 1st time I am able to comment without been cut!

  3. Carolina, Sylviane - thank you! You're right, it IS a luxury and I know it! :-) I'm retired and don't many have things that MUST be done, so building this studio was in many ways my "hobby" for a few months last year and now this year.

    As to "masterpieces" being painted? I'll need to stop playing with my studio and start painting, won't I? :-)

    Warmest regards & many many thank yous.
    Ken B.

  4. Wow!! I haven't been on blog rounds is a while! I've missed a lot! This is fantastic, Ken. Congratulations on your new 'digs.' Can't believe you've done most of it yourself. A man of many talents. So cool to have a separate space to work. Yea!!!

  5. Hi Liz! I haven't been " blogging" much myself - busy trying to get the sheetrock joint compound looking "MOSTLY" smooth! :-) I do OK with most of the seams, but those vertical corners and the ceiling "corners" wear me out. The ceiling is 13' so it's smear some "mud" move the ladder, smear-move, smear-move ad naseum. A labor of love.

    Talk to you later - I start sanding the joints today.
    Ken B.


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