Friday, December 17, 2010

Lady With Sunglasses

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Lady With Sunglasses  8 x 10   Oils on canvas panel

UPDATED - December 20, 2010.  I glazed some blue and violet on the sunglasses.

This started off as a "landscape" (orientation and subject) experiment and when that went bad, I made it a portrait (orientation and subject) painting of a lady with fancy sunglasses.  You can imagine the landscape if you look at the painting in landscape orientation. There's a blue sky on the right with snow flakes, a brown shoreline in the middle and blue water on the left side - or that's what I was trying to do.  When I put paint thinner on the "landscape" the paint sort of shmeared, dribbled and ran from top to bottom.  I thought that it looked sort of nice then I left it and went inside our house for the night.

The next day I decided to make a portrait and ta-da! There was the canvas panel already "prepped" for an off-beat portrait of a lady wearing "fancy" sunglasses.

I'm going to leave it alone for now. Maybe it's finished, maybe NOT! :-)


  1. That is what I call "Freedom of the Artist")))

  2. Very cool! i like the detail of the reflected man in the glasses :)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I enjoyed making this painting once I got over the disappointment of my "landscape" misadventure. :-) I put the reflection of the man in the glasses as an after thought. Not too much, is it? I'm not sure! I really DO appreciate your feedback.

    Ken B.


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