Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Works in progress (WIP)

I've been painting for a contribution to our local 4H Valentine fund raiser. These are some of what I've been doing for the last week or two.  I'm still working on all of these; glazing and making some corrections.

Lady in a red dress (WIP)
watching the herd (WIP)

looking for strays (WIP)

been there, done that (WIP)

snow doesn't bother him (WIP)



  1. Lady in red is my personal love from first sight. Guys are great, too.

  2. Hi Irina! So very good to hear from you. I've been watching your blog and you're doing really good "stuff" lately. :-) I wish that I could improve the way that you've been able.

    The "lady in red" is looking better after I worked on the painting some more. I redid her face but I don't know yet that I've done it right. Sort of an "classical" look, I think?

    Talk to you later,

    Ken B.

  3. Your paintings are beautiful Ken, and the lady in red is amazing.
    Thanks for your nice comment in my blog. I appreciate it very much:)
    Wishing you a lovely and creative week:)
    Greetings from,


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