Saturday, January 9, 2010

Melissa in a Blue Mumu

Melissa in a Blue Mumu  12x18  Oils on Masonite

I've been working and working and working on this one. Getting the folds of the fabric in the beautiful blue mumu has been tough for me.

AND since the beautiful lady is Melissa, it's doubly difficult. True to my limited talent as a portrait painter, I've missed her likeness by a LONG mile.  :-(

But I'll keep on keeping on and sooner or later I'll figure it out!


  1. It is a lovely painting! I like the pose... the colors (complementary :) are great.
    Best regards,

  2. Thanks, Carolina. As I said, I have much to do before I'm satisfied. That mumu is as complicated a pattern as I've ever seen. Melissa lived in Hawaii for 10 years and took part in the local cultural activities. She still has it and has worn it on occasion since we've been married.

    It's tough doing a family member, isn't it?
    Ken B.


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